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Intraday Trade Using Gann Method

Introduction: I found W.D.Gann's method of geometric proportion is one of the best method for intraday trading. Though W.D.Gann was not a stock trader but after many years of experiment in stock market i found this method is one of the most successful method for day traders. Gann's Method is devised into two parts.

A. Forecasting the price and time using the natural numbers , geometrical angles and specific geometrical figures.

B. Forecasting the price and time based on astrological angles,formations and geometrical figures.

How it is different from the technical analysis?

In technical analysis we often use averages,drawing tools like trend lines,various oscillators and indicators to derive the future price projection which may be translated in the general terms resistances,supports,targets,stop loss.

However in gann method we use harmonic rhythms. like I can say price 30 degree up from the current level or down from the current level will give me the resistance or support. If you will notice my words carefully I have not used any drawing tools or any statistical values for deriving this resistance or support.

You must ask me, Why such assumption ? This is the wonderful discovery done by W.D.Gann. He is the man who fond that in this universe every number is associated with other numbers with some degree relationship. This conclusion he has derived after arranging the natural numbers in geometrical spiral of square, triangle, hexagon. At last i will say, we all will agree that the price of a stock or commodity or any financial instrument irrespective of the currency it is trading in, is a number only.

How one can do intraday trade using gann method ? Though many different approach and methods I have describe on my book on Gann Method but one of the simplest method is projection the price from static degree proportions. In this method we will follow the following procedure and assumption.

A. we will assume the 180 degree as number 1. continue